Brand new! Tiangong 1.2738 block


The Tiangong 1.2738 Block comes with excellent quality in following aspects:
1. Melting: EAF+LF+VOD,  
Minimizing the Oxygen and other harmful gas contents to guarantee the low Oxide contents and effectively preventing the formation of bubbles and capillary cracks inside the material . To ensure the excellent Polishability and Etch performance during the Melting process.

2. Forging: Adopting high temperature diffusion process to reduce the segregation and make sure homogeneous chemical composition . Adopting the process of 3 times piers and 3 times plucks under the condition of excellent Pier rough ratio and forging ratio, to ensure the microstructure uniform which will support Polishability and Etch performance.

3. UT: SEP 1921-84 E/e

4. Gain size: > 7

5. Losse and Segregation: <= 2 level

6. Hardness: HRC34-38

7. Comparing the Chemical composition of 
TG 1.2738 and standard DIN 1.2738

TG 1.27380.35-0.40.2-0.51.3-1.6<=0.002<=0.0051.8-2.10.25-0.30.9-1.2
DIN 1.27380.35-0.450.2-0.41.3-1.6<=0.03<=0.031.8-2.10.15-0.250.9-1.3

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